How much do I need to start?

Typically we see clients requiring anywhere from $3,000 for a t-shirt collection to $10,000 for a womenswear collection of 200 pieces. It mainly depends on the difficulty of the clothing.

What Are The Minimum Quantities That I Can Order?

The minimum order requirements are 100 pieces per COLOUR for 1 DESIGN and 200 pieces per ORDER.

The specific quantity will vary according to the fabric procurement requirements and cost. We will communicate with you in advance, depending on the quantity, there is usually a 10% difference.

What Are The Lead Times?

It usually takes 3-4 weeks to be completed.

Leads time are calculated on estimated from the date we start to the completion of production.

How much does it cost to make a sample?

Depending on the complexity of the style of the sample and the cost of the fabric, we will charge a sample fee of US$50-100 per piece. When you place a bulk order for your style, we will refund the corresponding sample fee to you.

What Products You Can Make?

We are able to make the following types of clothing:


How do i make sample?

1) we will start with fabric sourcing and confirmation. We will source fabrics based on your photos or info. Fabric will be sent to you or a photo/video will be sent to you for confirmation.

2) You can either send us a real sample or sketch or a magazine photo to start samples.

3) We will go through the details with you and start making patterns, sewing samples. The sample will be fitted by us and photos will be sent to you.

4) After you review the sample photos and are happy with the sample, we will send you the sample.

How do i get sample fee refund?

Sample fees will be refunded when you place bulk more than 200 pieces of the sampled design in the sampled color is ordered.

How does it work for bulk production?

After receiving the PO(Purchase Order) and deposit, we will arrange bulk. BPS will be sent to you to approve bulk quality. After BPS is approved, the shipment will be released after the balance payment is finalized.