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Apparel Manufacturing


During the pre-production stage, we place a strong emphasis on accuracy to ensure that the final garments meet the exact specifications requested by our clients. To achieve this, all fabrics are pre-shrunk before cutting, preventing any discrepancies in measurements due to shrinkage. Any detailed adjustments, such as fit, print colors, size, and positioning, are finalized using a pre-production sample before proceeding to bulk production. This meticulous approach guarantees that each garment aligns with the brand’s vision and design specifications.

Bulk Production

Once the final samples have been thoroughly reviewed and approved, and all necessary confirmations such as deposits have been received, we proceed to the bulk production phase. Typically, this stage takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and speed while maintaining the highest quality standards for our clients’ garments.

Quality Assurance

At YiFu Fashion, our primary goal is to produce high-quality garments that meet your customers’ expectations and encourage their loyalty to your brand. To achieve this, our in-house Quality Control (QC) teams diligently perform standard quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. This careful attention to detail allows us to identify and rectify any issues before the products reach the packaging stage, ensuring that the final garments meet the highest quality standards.


We understand the importance of delivering products that impress your clients with their attention to detail. To achieve this, we take great care during the packaging process. All garments are steam ironed to remove wrinkles, neatly folded, and individually packed into poly bags. These bags are then carefully boxed for shipment, ensuring that your products arrive at their final destination in pristine condition, ready to delight your customers